Saturday February 25, 2017 from 1:45 PM to 4:00 PM EST
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Court Street Restaurant & Bar
61 Sixth Street
(Between Hudson and Washington)
Hoboken, NJ 07030
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Join us Saturday, February 25th!
“For the Love of Wines”
Ten Wines all chosen with the theme of Love in Mind
All Benefits Will Go To The Hoboken Shelter
$75 per person 
(including tax & gratuity)
 Please note: All cancellations are subject to a $5 non-refundable processing fee. 
A selection of cheese and crackers is served during the tasting, however, we strongly recommend that you have lunch prior to the tasting (we are not open for lunch)!
 Register up to an additional 3 guests for a total of 4 in your party.
Payments are processed through PayPal.
(PayPal account is not needed)
Upon completion of payment, PayPal will send you an email confirming your payment.
If you do not make your payment through PayPal, you will not be registered for the tasting.
If you have any difficulty registering, please call 201-795-4515.
If registration is closed, please call or email us and we’ll put you on the wait list!
If you need to cancel or change the number of people in your
party, please call us as soon as possible. 
 All changes to your reservation must be made 
by 10 pm, Thursday, February 23rd
so that we may contact those on the 
wait list to fill your seats.
If you call after Thursday, February 23rd, you will be charged if we cannot fill your seats
Please note: All cancellations are subject to a $5 non-refundable processing fee. 
Thank you!
Court Street Restaurant & Bar

Cheese+Wine Store Pairing Event: Old World Vs New World Wines

Old World Vs New World Wines | Cheese+Wine

Friday May 13th 7:30-9:00pm

The differences between Old world wines and New World wines are not commonly understood. Geography, style, approach and varietals create characteristics unique to each region.

Join us as we experience some of the more interesting new world and old world wines from around the globe. All wines will be paired with cheeses that further enhance and showcase their unique notes.

Seats are $65 per person.


A Guide To Pinot Noir

Friday March 11th 7:30-9:00pm

Pinot Noir is the most highly prized wine in the world. The wines are pale in color, translucent and their flavors are very subtle yet complex. Though originating in France’s Burgundy region, great Pinot Noir is being produced in California, Oregon, New Zealand, South Africa and Germany.

Join us as we explore the delicate nature of the world’s most sought after wine from different corners of the globe. All wines will be paired with cheeses that further enhance and showcase their unique notes.

Seats are $65 per person.




An unforgettable tasting journey!

Friday February 12th 7:30-9:00pm

Cheese and chocolate are rich, savory and create complex and intriguing flavor combinations… add to that mix a perfectly paired wine and the sweet, savory, and spicy combination will dazzle your taste buds.

Get ready for an unforgettable tasting journey that pairs our cheeses and wines with specially selected handcrafted gourmet chocolates.

Seats are $65 per person.


Cheese and Wine Store :: The Wines of Fall

The Wines of Fall
Friday November 13th

As the days get shorter and the leaves slowly darken their hues, its time to start shifting to richer, fuller-bodied styles of reds and whites that perfectly complement the cooler weather and foods of the fall harvest.

Join us as we explore wines that pair perfectly with the season’s transitional weather and savory fare. All wines will be paired with cheeses that further enhance and showcase their unique notes.

Seats are $65 per person.